Invisalign Adult

Adult Invisalign It’s never to late to treat yourself and improve your smile. Invisalign offers adults a lot of flexibility and freedom that traditional braces don’t offer.

Best in class materials and results

With over 12 million cases Invisalign has a long track record of innovation with comfort materials and personalized treatment for a wide range of bite types.

Customized treatment

Unlike mail-order solutions Invisalign begins with a proprietary iTero Element scan that takes 6000 images per second to create a detailed 3D treatment plan that improves accuracy while reducing rejections. During each visit you progress is reviewed against your initial scan and your treatment plan.

Versatile and Discreet

Clear aligners provide the opportunity to remove for eating, speaking, and other occasions when you don’t want to have your aligners in. The benefit of precision molded aligners is a better fit which leads to better mouth feel, more natural speech, and the lowest profile possible.

Adult Invisalign

Bite Treatment Types

  • Crowded – limited space causing alignment issues
  • Gapped – Excess tooth gap space
  • Openbite – upper and lower teeth don’t overlap
  • Crossbite – some upper teeth behind lower
  • Cosmetic Correction – individual teeth need cosmetic alignment
  • Underbite – upper front teeth fall behind lower
  • Overbite- upper front teeth excessive overlap of lower teeth

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