Braces by Barbies

Braces- barbies
Hey, everybody!

Dr. Otto and Dr. Fraundorf here.  Welcome to our Braces by Barbies Blog, an exclusive content channel for Otto Orthodontics.  We are so excited to be popping into your inbox for the first official time!  Our goal is to provide another avenue of information for you to learn about your smile and orthodontic treatment while giving you a little insight into what we do when we’re not in our white coats.  Our patients and orthodontic community are our family, so we want to share our lives with you all!

Every few weeks or so, we will send out a new blog with some exciting content.  The main dish will always be a frequently asked question and of course we will always mix in a few fun things alongside it.

If you have questions, suggestions or simply want to send us some love, feel free to reach out by social media, email or call our offices (all contact information below).  Thanks to all of you loves for coming on this new adventure with us!


Dr. O and Dr. F